Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

HaPpY HaLLoWeeN!!! 

I loooove this holiday! In honor of Halloween, I am going to share my "best of Halloween" lists with you today. I would LOVE to hear yours too! 

Best Halloween Movies:

2. Hocus Pocus

3. Mr. Boogedy

Scariest Halloween Movies:

1. The Grudge (that Grudge seriously needs to CHILL)

2. The Changeling (see link above)

3. The Sixth Sense (yeah, I still find this scary)
Best Halloween Songs:

1. Thriller (duh!)

2. Nightmare on My Street (Will Smith)

3.  The Monster Mash (old school)

Best trick-or-treat candy:

1. Reese's Peanut Butter cups

2. Almond Joy

3. Milky Way

Worst trick-or-treat candy:

1.  Necco wafers

2. Good & Plenty (sorry, Mom, I know that's your favorite)

3. Now and Later (I'd like to keep my teeth, thank you very much) 

Random Worst:

When Halloween is on a Sunday.

When the Great Pumpkin makes you look like a fool again.

When Hurricane Sandy makes it too cold and windy and rainy/snowy to be outside on Halloween.

Random Best:

 When you come up with an awesome and original Halloween costume - like a cat or a witch.

When you realize that as an adult you can buy a whole bag of Reese's Peanut Butter cups and eat as many as you want (NOT that I would ever do that...)

When you're a kid and you get to use Halloween as an excuse to wear make up.

When your neighbors decorate their porch like this:


What are some of your favorites??

I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween with no razors in your candy, no Necco wafers in your trick-or-treat bag, no Great Pumpkin disappointments, and no deadly monster encounters (or at least very few). That is my Halloween wish for you. Oh, and plenty of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. And maybe just one ghost sighting.

Happy Spooky Wednesday!


D said...

Love Halloween! My kids discovered the Joy of peanut butter cups this year which means fewer for me. :(
They loved the Great Pumpkin movie. Lots of giggles. Here's hoping they don't just get rocks in their bags tonight! C'mon peanut butter cups!!!

David and Linda said...

I always thought that hard candy and gum and apples - yes we got apples from some neighbors and this was the 50's and 60's - were duds. I think I even got a wrapped toothbrush once! But there was a family the next block down that gave out saran wrapped popcorn balls and I loved that!

Katherine said...

Oooh, I really hope I get at least one ghost sighting!! I also hope that I don't end up eating all of the candy we're supposed to be giving out before the kids get here. It's SO hard to walk by it and not devour every piece!!

Stephanie said...

I feel seriously passionate about Reeses' PB Cups this Halloween, so I'm happy to see that at the top of the treats list!!! Hope it's a fun evening! :)

Terry said...

Long time blurker here to weigh in on a great American holiday . . .

The Changeling . . . my husband and I are the only people I know who have seen this movie. We saw it in the theater shortly after it came out. The only movie in which I have ever screamed . . . loudly.

I also love Reese's and Almond Joy (or its dark relative Mounds). But the best delight I ever got on the trick-or-treating trail was a huge caramel apple . . . every year at a neighbor's home. Of course, this was a 1,000 years ago and in Washington, but the memory lives on.

Liz said...

What's the difference between a Milky Way and a three musketeers?
Worst Halloween treat; anything non-candy (pennies, pencils, tooth brushes, etc.)