Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

I'm way behind on blogging! Life has been pretty fun and exciting lately but instead of stretching my updates out over a bunch of posts, I'll give them all to you right now in Wednesday Thoughts.

Update one: Over the weekend I held my annual fall bonfire! This is one of my favorite things all year. Highlights include: doughnut eating competition, ghost sightings, hot chocolate bar, and people falling in love around the fire (I have no idea if this happened or not, but it would be awesome if it did):

Update two: I spent a couple nights making special dipped marshmallows and spoons for the hot chocolate bar I set up at the bonfire. Not to toot my own horn, but they turned out pretty amazing.

Update three: The TIGERS swept the Yankees! Because I had a good friend in town last week, we went to Detroit for some adventuring. We ate at a delicious bbq place called Slows, we wandered over to the old abandoned train station, then we headed down to the Tigers stadium to join in the celebrating after the game. Someone had put a broom in the big Tiger's mouth since the Tigers swept the Yankees. It was pretty cool.

Game One of the World Series is tonight!!

Update four: My niece was baptized this weekend. In our church, children aren't baptized as babies - the age of accountability is 8. It was a really special day and I'm so proud of her. Here she is with my dad before her baptism, and after, showing off her cowboy boots.

Update five: The leaves are at peak color and are gorgeous:

Update six: Some friends and I went to the Greenfield Village Halloween nights celebration over the weekend. It was rainy and my feet got soaked but it was still super fun, so that's saying something. Afterward we warmed up at an Arab bakery - sooooo good.

Ok, I think I'm up to speed now as far as the bigger events are concerned. Whew! I have more updates coming soon though don't you worry all you people out there who are bored at work and need people to update their blogs more often.

I still have lots of things to do to celebrate the Halloween season. I'm way behind on Halloween things. I haven't even carved a pumpkin yet, watched Ghostbusters all the way through, or made myself sick on candy corn. Only one week till Halloween! I gotta get on it! What are you doing to celebrate?

Happy Wednesday!


Katherine said...

I'm glad that I got to participate in most of these fun things! I love fall and all the awesome things there are to do. And the colors right now really ARE gorgeous!!! Amazing!

violet50 said...

It sounds like a very fun October so far! Thanks for sharing all of the pictures! They're great!

)en said...

those 'mallows and spoons are outstanding. Pretty sure you need to put up a separate post with step-by-step instructions. :)

Liz said...

I taught my three yr old nephew to say "Yankees suck" today. He's been running around yelling it. Priceless.