Monday, October 1, 2012


Hey guys! Today is the first day of October - the best month of the year! To celebrate, I made a little something for you. And before you say anything, I'm aware that I'm being a little over the top about fall. But what can I say? I'm crushing on it big time right now. When we ladies have crushes on guys, we do certain things to express it - we doodle our first name with his last name, we imagine what our babies would look like, and we read into everything he says. And depending on our self esteem we determine that, "how are you today?" either means he loves us or will never love us.

We're complicated.

But my love affair with fall is not complicated. I love fall, and I have not been coy about it. But since fall isn't a man, and doesn't have a last name for me to doodle with my first name, I expressed it by making some subway art of a few of my favorite things about fall. And because I love you too (most of you*) I thought I'd share it with you!

Happy October!

If I'm being really real (which I usually try to do here), I don't really care for football. But I enjoy everyone else's enthusiasm. Plus, it brings back a lot of fun high school memories when I was SUPER COOL and was in the marching band. :)

Happy fall!

* Like 95% of you. You 5% know who you are. And you know what you did.


Erin Harris said...

Love it! Fall already doesn't feel the same without you!

Mark said...

Oxymoron of the day found in the second to last paragraph. You crack me up.

I attended a football game on Friday night, followed by a bonfire, so I'm feeling the love for the season too.

Crunchy leaves of golden rust underfoot.

Katherine said...

Hee hee!!! I love fall, too, and am equally enamored with it!!! And I don't care what people say, marching band was the coooooolest!!!

violet50 said...

Of course marching band was the coolest! I love fall, too. It has always been my favorite season for all of your reasons except scary movies. None of those for me or mazes or haunted houses!