Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

Today I'm feeling lots of thing... 

Grateful because I'm finally feeling healthier. I've been sick for a week or so and am so grateful for medicine and rest!

Tired because the medicine I've been on has given me insomnia - something I haven't had in awhile. I forgot how irritating it is. Guys... I've gotten like six hours of sleep in the last 48 hours. I'm struggling here.

Happy because the Tigers are going to beat the Scankees tonight (Yankees). Woohoo!!! So excited for this! On to the World Series!

Amused that both sides of the political spectrum view the results of the debate last night so differently. Both sides seem to think the other side doesn't get it, is dumb, doesn't have the facts, gets too easily offended, etc. That is, according to my Facebook news feed. I missed most of the debate due to the Tigers game, but from what I gather the key words were: Candy, binders, women, and Jeremy. I have no idea.

Excited for three reasons:

1. My annual fall bonfire is this weekend!

2. I'm going to Greenfield Village's Halloween nights this weekend as well! I need to finish making a wig for my costume. I started one this week but then my niece was having such much fun playing with it, I let her keep it. Can you blame me?

Could you resist that face?

3. One of my bff's is in town and I get to see him tonight! (I really hope he doesn't read this because it'll go right to his head. But also if he doesn't read this I will be mad because he's my friend and should be reading my blog.)

Enchanted because of the absolutely beautiful fall colors that surround me.

Unbelievable, am I right?

How are you today? What are some things you're feeling? Lay it on me. I'm exhausted and need some entertainment. (Also, I care how you're doing ...of course.)

Happy Wednesday!


Maxabillion J said...

I am your bbff.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Crap, you read it. Also YAY, you read it! :) See you tonight!

Katherine said...

E: good news - your bff reads your blog. Also, bad news - he read this post. I'm excited about this weekend, too! So many fun times!!! Also, no I cannot resist that face!!!!

Wee Sisters Three said...

I am feeling totally overwhelmed with life today. Thats probably not what you want to hear. Lol. I am also feeling annoyed that everything costs money, what is up with that! I am also feeling exhausted from staying up till 1 sewing. But I did a good walk in with a friend for an hour and I do get to see my little ethan play flag football tonight in all of his adorableness.

violet50 said...

Fall is fun - tree colors, pumpkins, bonfires, the smell of burning leaves, cider and donuts, and baseball playoffs! Not to mention football. Thanks for your beautiful pictures!