Friday, August 20, 2010

This is me, making a big deal about nothing.

Wanna see something kind of cool? Go to google, type in "Elizabeth Downie" then click on the "I'm feeling lucky" button.*

Don't ask me how I discovered that. I'm pretty sure it involved vanity.

*If doing that did not take you directly to my blog, I suppose I'd rather not know. In my head I'm pretending it means more than it actually does.


Ashley said...

Elizabeth Downie is famous!! (I wish that'd work for my name!)

brenda hatch said...

i just tried it on mine and it took me to some silly girls Facebook page. Argh! you're pretty popular i guess!

Elizabeth Downie said...

Haha! Oh well, Brenda. It works for some people at least. ;)

I guess it just works because my name is in my blog address. Either that or I'm extremely famous. (haha)

Kristin McElderry said...

This made me laugh. I tried this separately for Kristin Bates and Kristin McElderry. Clearly Kristin McElderry is more famous, it took me to my linked in page (which is kind of lame). kristin bates took me to some rando girls facebook.

Way to go Elizabeth!

Katherine said...

Seriously awesome!! Didn't work for me, either... You're famous!!

Heather said...

So cool!!

I am going to go try it. I am prepared to be disappointed.

Liz said...

I googled Elizabeth Downie and some Aussie criminals and crooks page came up. Did you commit a crime in Australia?