Friday, August 27, 2010

Dispute Follow Up

I'm feeling triumphant today because none of you voted for what the receptionist believed the time to be, and almost all of you agreed with me. I thought the card said 5:00 as well. Although, I will allow that it could have been 5:10.

So here's what happened. I double checked the card before leaving for work in the morning and confirmed that it said 5:00. I got to my appointment at 4:53. An hour later, I was still sitting in the waiting room. I'd leafed through all the decent looking magazines, read about what what clothes look best for my body type, what Julia Roberts liked best about traveling for her recent movie, and everything else the waiting room magazines had to offer.

The longer I had to wait, the more annoying the magazines became. I got really frustrated reading an article about "how to choose a hair style based on your face shape." Is my face shape oval, round, or square!? If I can't figure that out, my bangs will never look good! That's when I realized I was getting irritable because I'd been waiting for almost an hour.

But I figured I'd be next, right? No. When the old lady sitting behind me got called in at 5:45, I'd had enough. I asked the nurse who'd come out for the old lady how much longer the wait would be and she said, "probably at least 20 minutes." So I asked the receptionist if I could reschedule. That's when we had this conversation:

Her: Well, your appointment isn't until 5:50.
Me: The card said 5:00.
Her: Do you have the card with you?
Me: No. It's at home, but I double checked it this morning. I'm sure it said 5:00.
Her: Well, your appointment is at 5:50, so the card says 5:50.
Me: (This is where I imploded.)

Anyway, I rescheduled. And yes, I want to bring the card in next time to show her, because I'm mature like that. Whether or not I actually will remains to be seen. I have had to wait a long time in doctors offices before - probably even an hour. But the thing that really ticked me off was her telling me I was wrong about what the card said.

5:50! Yeah, right!


The Boob Nazi said...

It was totally 5!!!

Mark said...

I sat in my dentist's waiting room Monday morning for much less than one hour, but I got thinking. If the dentist charges me $50 for cancelling my appointment within 48 hours of the time (much like the notice on Elisabeth's card) shouldn't I be able to demand a discount if the dentist is significantly late?

Sarah said...

Bring that card in! Seriously! I'll even come in for moral support! Also, print off your blog post/poll...that'll show her that the public is on your side, too!

Claire said...

There is absolutely no FRIGGEN way that the card says 5:50.

Claire said...

There is absolutely no FRIGGEN way that the card says 5:50.

Heather said...

You should definitely bring the card in. Please take a picture of receptionist as she apologizes to you.

sorry you had to wait. No fun.

Kathy said...

I still think you should not only bring in the card, but print out your blog poll and show her. That way it's clear that she was not only wrong, but was semi-publicly humiliated for her incorrect insistence. She needs to know who she's messing with.

Katherine said...

Hmmm...I think I agree with Kathy. Give her what-for!!

Linda said...

TAKE THE CARD IN! It will be redemption for all of us who have been treated like idiots by receptions, librarians, teachers, airline ticket reservations people, mechanics........

Anonymous said...

I think that you should email the receptionist a link to your blog, make her a follower :)

An admirer from the distance. ;)

Anonymous said...

You have not one, but TWO examples of the number five on that card. The alleged third does not resemble either of the first two.

If you tell me this was an optomologist or opthalmologist, I might suggest that they get their eyes checked by a peer.

They really should apologize for their carelessness, though most medical professionals (and their admin staff) refuse to acknowledge anything other than perfection.

I'd have imploded as well!

*another Anonymous

Anonymous said...

This is why typewriter's were invented - most people's handwriting isn't clear or readable to anyone but themselves. Yeah, I'd take it back and politely show her what the problem was.

Well that's one hour you won't get back, smiles. Hope today is better for you.


Sandy said...

This post is hilarious to me. It totally said 5:00! I love that you did a poll on it too. lol. Btw, I know you don't know me but I am friends w/ Angela Wilpula and I happen to read your funny blog!

Liz said...

The card totally said 5:00 I agree with that.
I know you got there really early and had been waiting for a really long time but if you made it to 5:45 why didn't you just wait for 5:50, why did you reschedule?