Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

I have to admit that I'm surprised at the responses I got from my last post. Your comments and e-mails seemed to overwhelmingly say that no, women should not ask men out. Or at the very least, it should be done with extreme caution. Even though that's pretty much what I thought, and I agree, I'm still dissatisfied with that answer. But if you had said that yes, women should go for it, I would have disagreed so I'm not sure what I wanted to hear.

Random thought: what is it about low fat food? Why is some of it so gross? I got some fat free veggie dip yesterday and it's completely inedible.

I'm so tired I just wrote "unedible" instead of "inedible." It reminds me of when Ralph from the Simpsons said, "Me fail English? That's unpossible!"

Wow, this "Wednesday Thoughts" is more random than usual. Let's move on.

Here's a question. Let's say you're having one of those days or nights when nothing seems like it will work out and you're feeling really blah. What kind of music should you listen to? Something upbeat to try to cheer yourself up? Or something that matches your feelings so you can just hole up for the evening and allow the melancholia to wash over you? What say you? (I can't believe I just wrote "what say you" - I am going to have to seriously consider skipping the renaissance festival this year. Next thing you know, I'm going to be saying "huzzah" and you know I'm morally opposed to that.)

Happy Wednesday.


Kwo Ling said...

So, I wonder if your readership's demographics (age, gender, and marital status) correlate in any interesting ways to their traditional standpoint that women shouldn't ask men out.

Kathy said...

I find music to be therapeutic. If I'm feeling down, I like to listen to music with a deeper message, and a lot of feeling. It helps me work through what I'm dealing with and at times, express what I'm feeling. But that's what works for me. I'm sure some go in the opposite direction.

"My cat's breath smells like cat food." -Ralph

Amy said...

As for your feelings about people's responses to your last question, I think there are exceptions to every rule, and we just use our judgment and hope for the best.

But as for your new question, I would say always choose the upbeat music. Unless you're in the kind of mood where the upbeat music is just going to make you feel even sadder because it reminds you that you're not feeling that way and are sure you will never feel that way again. Then, since you'll actually probably be just fine tomorrow, you have every right to your mood music melancholia tonight. Sometimes it's just nice to let yourself feel what you're feeling.

Brady said...

For some reason, I think that you should listen to Mariachi. I don't know if you tricked me into it subliminally, but all that I can think about when reading the question is Mariachi.

Are there food snob tags that I can use?

Also, low-fat food is inedible, because the fat plays important roles in how we percieve flavor. Instead of trying to eat food that have been chemically altered to be low-fat, you should stick to naturally low-fat foods and enjoy the full-fat versions in moderation.

Heather said...

Luckily I am not opposed to it, HUZZAH my good friend.

When I'm down I like to listen to "Hairspray" and dance like a complete idiot around the house with the music turned way up. Sometimes it helps.

I ate low fat mayo the other day and nearly vomited. Lowfat sucks.

Katherine said...

Huzzah! You know you want to say it. I think I still have the Flair you sent me with Ralph's phrase on it. :) And as for the music, something loud that you can sing at the top of your lungs to. :)

Mark Bowman said...

After reading all the comments from the previous post, I spent the rest of the day at work listening to Deep Purple albums. That cheered me up, and at the same time reminded me why I was still single.

Why do we say inedible instead of indigestable? I can think of lots of things, like erasers, toenails, or broccoli, that can be chewed on and swallowed, but aren't going to do my body any good.

Sara said...

I forgot to comment last week! YES, women can and should ask guys out! End of story. Any guy who would get weirded out by that isn't worth his salt.

Oh, and I just asked my husband his opinion. He said, "Why not?"

Ask away with freedom! And maybe not for a candlelit dinner, but for a movie, concert, regular dinner out, go for it! :)

Robert said...

You bought low-fat veggie dip?? I made that mistake once. Terrible!! I think it was the last time I bought dip. Inedible for sure!

About the phone numbers, I have recently deleted a few people from my phone that I don't think will be calling much. Hope they don't text me!

Anonymous said...

hmmm.... I think Mark could consider this one..... Steamroller by James Taylor.


Grease can always do wonders to get one out of a funk or annoy them back into one! ;)