Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

I've become involved with a cause. The cause is to keep Conan O'Brien on at 11:35 as the host of the Tonight Show. So far my efforts have involved joining two Facebook groups. Obviously I'm making a difference. What would Conan do without me?

Monday was my birthday and I haven't found the strength yet to say my new age out loud. Don't dare ask me what it is, please. I can't say it yet. I was forced to by a coworker yesterday and it didn't feel good. This unwillingness to say something awful reminds me of that cheesy part in Twilight where Bella says to Edward, "I know what you are." And Edward says, "Say it." And Bella says all dramatically, "Vampire."

My age has created the same kind of drama with me since Monday. Except that unlike Bella, I don't have the courage to say the word.

You know what age you are.
Say it.

My age has become the new Voldemort, in that it shouldn't be said out loud (and it's evil). Make a note of it.

Moving on.

I've become naively optimistic about spring being near. Yes, I know that we have three more solid months of winter (maybe more) but I keep feeling like it's not that much longer. Isn't that insane? I heard birds singing today which helped with the delusion. I miss my bike. I can't wait for spring.

Happy Wednesday!


Mary Burnette said...

I say solidly one more month. March is the beginning of new birth in my eyes. April is camping weather.

Katherine said...

I've seen a lot of people out and about on bikes lately. I say go for it! And btw, you're hilarious. HILARIOUS!!

Christi said...

I have one of those body fat scales where you have to input your height and age. Every year after my birthday it takes me about 6 months to change the age. It's like if I don't see it there in black and white right in front of me it's not real.

opticwalrus said...

This post reminded me of a video that Dan Magelby forwarded me. It was made for a short film contest in a Manhattan singles ward.

Amy said...

I just got back from taking Jin on a walk and the whole time I was thinking what a beautiful day it was. There's always a day or two in January where it climbs above freezing and tricks me into thinking spring is on the way even though I know that's not the case. I used to resent that, but now I just enjoy it while it lasts, and enjoy the strange fact that 35 degrees can feel quite pleasant in the right context.

Elizabeth Downie said...

You're right Amy - the January thaw, I've heard it called. It's very pleasant. It gives us a little reprieve before two more months of snow and below zero temps. Brian, is that the family ward video? If so, I've seen it and it's hilarious!

Mark Bowman said...

Remember when you were 13 and some well meaning adult pointed out that girls mature faster than boys? And you looked at the scrawny little specimens of budding manhood in your 7th grade class and agreed. Perhaps you even took it upon yourself to share this information with the male members of your peer group.

On behalf of those crushed little boys... Pthhhhpppt!

P.S. I think Elizabeth is way cooler now than when I first met her ** years ago.

Michelle Williams said...

All I can say is that you must be "aging" well, because everytime your family's name comes up my Mom says, "Oh you should see Elizabeth and Katherine they are so
beeeea-U-tiful! That Elizabeth is just lovely!" Judging by the photos, I always say "Amen!"

David and Linda said...

Spring IS just around the corner. January thaw always gives me hope. And I heard the bird sing again. I feel like he's singing for me. Also, you're only as old as you feel. Unfortunately that makes me 85 today.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Thanks Mark and Michelle. :)

Heather said...

should i be offended Grandma Gwen doesn't say I'm beautiful. Just kidding.
I don't know about all of you, but i went to the back of my car and pulledoff my boots and put on my flip flops that i keep back there for days like this.

p.s i think i might make winter boots that look like flip flops...dibs!