Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

It's interesting when something takes over your life without you realizing it. Lately, I have been totally engrossed in sewing, which is something I never thought I'd be really interested in. Sewing has recently started taking over my life to the point where I've started feeling out of touch with my friends, family, and other things I usually make a priority.

It reminds me of when I was a kid and I became best friends with a girl who lived down the street, Kelly. I was probably about eight years old and spent most days (and some nights) at Kelly's house with her and her sister, Lauren. Kelly and I were inseparable and without realizing it, I started to get out of touch with my own family. I realized this while one day I was playing on the swing set at my house with my little sisters and I called somebody a "wiener." Both of my sisters gasped and said, "oooooh! We're not allowed to say that!" I was shocked. I had no idea my parents had a rule about calling someone a wiener. Kelly and her sister were allowed to say it so I assumed it was fine. I then realized that I had probably been spending too much time at Kelly's house. I didn't even feel like a part of my own family anymore.

Fast forward to now. I have been spending so much time with my new hobby, I gradually started putting other things on the back burner. It wasn't until yesterday, when I called someone a wiener that I realized I should probably take a step back. (I may be being slightly over dramatic, considering I only started sewing two weeks ago, but that's beside the point.) Usually my obsession is my blog but even that has been neglected, by my standards.

Anyway, friends, I'm back. No more sewing obsessively or calling people wieners*. Wow, that word is ridiculous, even in writing.

Happy Wednesday!

*This story has been exaggerated - I haven't actually called someone a wiener in at least a year or two.


AMy said...

so is it a bad sign when i consider my best friend to be a sewing machine?

Elizabeth Downie said...

I'm not gonna lie, it might be a bad sign. ;)

opticwalrus said...

"Wiener" is just German for "Viennese." Is it really that bad to say that someone or something is from Vienna?

Katherine said...

Oh my. I can' believe you used the "w" word! ;) If it makes you feel any better, I don't remember the "w" word incident from childhood, and I only feel slightly neglected by you. I'm glad you're enjoying your new hobby so much!

P.S. That's an awesome piece of info, Brian. I'm going to start using that word a little more freely now! ;)

Katherine said...

P.P.S. Love the new quote! It makes me think of some classics from "The Office," like when Michael said he's just "a little 'stitious," or when he said he considers himself a "great philanderer", or when he declares bankruptcy to the office. Ha!!

David and Linda said...

I don't recall banishing the word "wiener", but in re: Brian's comment, should I feel cannibalistic when I eat my wieners? Soylent Green is people!?!

Kristin said...

You know, in the sixth grade I sewed a Michigan pillow. It just happens to be the pillow that I lovingly offered you to sleep on July 3, 198?.