Monday, September 28, 2009


I've had a few questions on my mind lately. If you have any insights/answers, feel free to share.

Is it worth it to continue giving someone the silent treatment if they don't realize you're giving them the silent treatment?

If someone says, "it's just not my humor" about your favorite show, are they really trying to say the show isn't funny? Should you be ashamed that you think it's funny?

Is there such a thing as everyday shoes that are comfortable, affordable, and cute? I know there's not so don't tell me there is.

Maybe there's no correct answers to these questions. Or maybe that's just what I tell myself when I disagree with the answers.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, 'cause the silent treatment is designed to protect you so keep giving it.

I don't think humor is the same for everyone. Some people don't have the same as you and I. Let them live their dull lives.

I like Ecco shoes. I think they're comfortable, not affordable and marginally cute. I wore them on my mission. They were still good afterward, but $110 shoes will do that to you.

Sarah said...

The silent treatment does lose its affect if the person doesn't get the hint and apologize eventually for whatever they did wrong...altho wait, I didn't get an email back from you I getting the silent treatment from you?? :)

Do NOT be ashamed that you can laugh at something, even if other people don't get it...laugh away! :) It just means you are more in touch with your giddiness, your enthusiasm for happy things, and that's great!

And, as mentioned, to get great shoes, it'll cost you. I just bought some AMAZING Dansko shoes (wore them almost every day walking around Italy), but they were pricey. So, comfortable and cute, yes...affordable, too...that's a myth. :) Unless you count Reef flip-flops...I also can wear those for days in a row and feel great, but those aren't going to help you when the snow falls.

Christi said...

It's worth it to continue giving the silent treatment, but you have to do it in a much more noticeable way so that they realize the error of their ways.
Yes, they do mean they don't think it's funny. I'm always annoyed by this comment. Just because you don't think The Office is funny doens't make you better than me!
Depends on what you mean by comfortable. I bought a $20 pair of heels at Target 4 years ago and they are still the most comfortable heels I own. They are really cute too. I wouldn't wear them to trek across Europe though. They aren't THAT comfortable.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Haha, yeah, that's a good point about the silent treatment. It's a joke of Katherine's and mine. Often if I'm mad at a guy for not paying me enough attention or something silly like that, I tell Katherine, "I gave him the silent treatment. He didn't notice." It makes us laugh.

Katherine said...

Oh, I think on some level they notice. It messes with the cosmos and they feel that shift and it keeps them up nights. (I like to tell myself that, at least.) I think the silent treatment is always a good, healthy solution. ;)

I agree with Christi. They don't think it's funny, but that's just because they are out of touch with what actually IS funny. Or maybe they just have a different sense of humor. I guess I could give them that.

I don't know what to tell you about the shoes that you haven't already heard. I'll probably be paying for the rest of my life for the ridiculous shoes I wear now, but I'll look good in the mean time!

Kathy said...

Good questions!

I don't think it's worth it to continue the silent treatment. I'm more of a "stomp your feet and sigh loudly to make my point" kinda girl.

As for the question about if you think something is funny, judging by the other comments, they must be saying it's not funny. But who made them judge? Pee-Wee Herman is funny!!!!

Every girl wonders the same thing about shoes. If you find one- let me know. :)

D said...

As for funny- sometimes it's just best to agree to disagree. I think you'll find enough people on your side generally that make up for those that aren't.

I love Clarks for shoes. If you can find your size on clearance they are pretty affordable. The good thing about quality shoes is they last a lot longer than cheap shoes so if you combine that with the usually get your money's worth.

I've also had excellent luck getting name brand comfy shoes at Ross for 20 bucks. I got my clarks at Nordstrom on clearance.