Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

On Saturday morning, my good friend Christi came to town for a visit! I love when friends visit! And I hadn't seen Christi since our whirlwind Chicago adventure two years ago so I was excited to have some adventures with her!

We started by driving up to my favorite place - any guesses??

If you guessed Ludington, you were right. If you didn't guess Ludington, this must be your first day reading this blog.

We hiked, went on a boat ride, had a campfire, ate ice cream, kayaked, and shopped.

It was incredibly windy our last full day there, and the waves in Lake Michigan were awesome. So was my hair....

After a couple of fun-filled days in Ludington, we drove back across the state and crossed off the one thing on Christi's must-do list: Middle Eastern food! We went to Ollie's in Dearborn, which has never disappointed me, and which is one of Christi's favorite places as well. You guys, I'm still day dreaming about this plate of food, which I came nowhere near finishing, but absolutely would have if I had three stomachs:

Did I mention the warm basket of pita bread and the plate of hummus? Oh my goodness, get in my bellay! (I've been staring at this picture a little too long...)

After gorging ourselves at Ollies, we went to the Tigers game.Christi is a huge Tigers fan and one time even flew all the way from Utah to go to Opening Day with me!

The next day we went to lunch at an Ann Abor classic: Zingerman's. Zingerman's is the best deli in the area. The sandwich menu should be required reading at all the local universities. It was so hard to choose what to order! I finally landed on an Amish chicken and cucumber sandwich which I ate half of then and half of last night. Holy smokes it was good. But then again, I like food. If you don't like food, you won't like Zingerman's.

Lunch crowd

Last night I drove Christi to the airport and now today it's back to reality. Sigh. It was a fun adventure.

The leaves are starting to change.... I notice that with mixed emotion. Summer is coming to a close but it's not over yet. There's still time for more fun. But the red and orange leaves are beautiful and fall will be fun. Cider mills, pumpkins, back-to-school (even more fun since I'm not in school!!), holidays, etc... No need to despair over summer ending, right....? Right.

Happy Wednesday!


Katherine said...

So much fun!! I'm glad I can live vicariously through your blog! And no worries about summer ending - fall is the best!!!

Christi said...

It was so much fun! And that Ollie's food was the best I've had in a long time. Thanks for a great weekend!

violet50 said...

RIGHT! No need to despair over summer nearing an end. Lots of autumn fun ahead, Thanksgiving, Christmas, sleigh rides at Greenfield Village, etc. But let's not rush things...that food made me hungry and I just finished lunch! I'm with K. on the vicarious part.