Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

Yesterday I helped my sister move a gigantic desk out of her bedroom and down the stairs. I should mention here that the desk probably weighs about 1,000 lbs. Remember that scene in Friends where they're trying to move a couch, and Ross keeps saying "PIVOT!"? That was us. We were less than effective in our efforts. When the desk was finally on the curb, I told my sister I'd make a sign to hang on it:

No one has taken it yet. My mom suggested she post it to Clarkslist. Clarkslist. (Sorry mom, but that was just too good not to share.)

In other thoughts, I saw this online earlier and it made me laugh. Scratch that, it makes me laugh. Every time I look at it. So I thought I'd have to share it with you guys:

And if it was on the internet, it's gotta be true. There's really no reason to doubt that someone would take their cat on an inner tube.

Oh, great news by the way! I recently discovered that every single season of Family Ties is available on Hulu plus. I'm pretty excited about this. I'm making my way through season one pretty quickly. We can all agree that the Jennifer episodes are super boring, right? Sorry Jennifer, but really. Alex is the best with his young Republican, Reagan loving/welfare hating. Hilarious stuff. I mean, I couldn't agree with him less, but he's still my favorite character on the show. Looks like I'll be pretty busy working my way through the series for awhile so if I don't return your phone calls, I'm sure you'll understand.

Didn't they get a little brother at some point?

Happy Wednesday!


Wee Sisters Three said...

Samantha was just asking me me why I was laughing so hard. I said she wouldn't understand. So many things. PIVOT!; The sign; Clarklist and the picture. All hilarious. Thanks. I needed a good laugh.

Katherine said...

I agree with Heedj!! SO funny!!! Hee hee!!!

Joe D said...

You realize that all *7* seasons of Family Ties is on Netflix, right?

violet50 said...

Ditto to what Heather said! Very funny. I especially love that Friends episode. I laugh every time. One of my other favorites is "Now lift, and slide. Lift and slide."

Kristen McGraw said...

It is nice to find another Friends watcher. I have been laughing my way through it all summer. I am on season 8. I wish it would never end!

heather said...

My MOST favorite Family Tie episode is when they are teaching Jennifer to drive and they set up chairs in the kitchen. SO HILARIOUS!