Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

The big day is almost upon us! I love Thanksgiving. Expressing gratitude + family time + delicious food = an amazing holiday.

My family has a Thanksgiving tradition that I've mentioned here before: the gingerbread house making competition. This competition grew from the fact that not everyone in the family enjoyed watching other people watch football and slip into food comas after dinner. Thus was born the gingerbread house competition (which should technically be called the graham cracker house competition, I suppose).


Ready for judging

This isn't the only holiday competition we have. On Easter, after church and dinner, we have a peep diorama competition, which some people in the family have jokingly dubbed the "Peep Show." The first year we did it a certain family member who shall remain nameless made a Peep show diorama:


Do you have any holiday traditions? I am way excited for tomorrow. As it stands now, this is my plan:

1. Sleep in.
2. Make vegetable tray (my one assignment)
3. Watch the Thanksgiving Day parades and look for my friend Sara who will be in costume marching in the Detroit parade!
4. Go to my aunt and uncle's house for dinner
5. Eat too much.
7. Go back for seconds
8. Kick some trash in an as yet undetermined game (ie: Monopoly or Apples to Apples)
9. Nap
10. Think of all the many things I have to be thankful for. (I'm not totally shallow.)

What is your plan? What are some holiday traditions you have? Happy Thanksgiving! And just so you know, I'm thankful for you. I really am.

Happy Wednesday!


Katherine said...

Those are some of the best captions ever. Ever!! I really do love our holiday traditions! They're the best! It's SOOO much better than watching other people watch football (ha!)!! And it's a good thing you-know-who (NOT You-Know-Who!) has behaved better in recent years in the Peep Show. ;) Traditioooooooonnnn - tra-di-tion!

alecia said...

Ohh, I am thankful for you, too! We are hosting this year for our friends, and I am so excited to just love everyone that is at my house. Wish you could come over for dinner sometime!

Heather said...

Nothing better than the peep show. Man I love our family! I wish I could be there for the "gingerbread" competition this year, boo. Maybe someone could make a mini heather out of candies and place me by your "house"? I am making oreo delight since I won't be there for mom's. Have fun tomorrow.

lizzie mc.- said...

We live vicariously through you. Particularly the peeps. We tell everyone we know about your family. It always has us in stitches.

My tradition, cranberry sauce. It's okay, but the smell and sharing with others is what I really love. Used to go to my Aunt's house. I miss them during the holidays.

Linda said...

First, I love being with my family, and Second TURKEY. Don't get me wrong. Just because I put turkey in caps, doesn't mean that I love it more than my family. It just means that they don't have tryptophan and make me sleepy - yes I still believe that it does. Take that!

O. said...

What a great idea, I might have to try that for christmas. Who won the gingerbread house competition?