Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Place

When I was in college, I took a class called "writing, style, and technology." In that class, we had to learn to make websites and use codes and that sort of thing. On the first day of class, the professor told us to think of a happy place. He gave us a few minutes to visualize a place we could retreat to in our minds when times got tough in class. He told us there would be many times that semester when we would need to visualize our happy place. He was right, but that's neither here nor there.

Over the years I have used that technique when times are tough. I visit my happy place, and find peace. My happy place used to be a Christmas scene but over the years morphed into Ludington, the town where I vacation as often as possible every summer. It's an adorable little resort town on Lake Michigan and it's a place I go to escape, relax, spend time with friends and family, read, hike, swim, eat ice cream, daydream, and feel renewed.

As this week comes to an end, I'm feeling a lot more calm. This week was a doozy but things will get better. This morning I am in a peaceful place, picturing Ludington, listening to a chill song (Amber by 311), and thinking about sleep, which I am looking forward to catching up on this weekend.

If you don't have a happy place to retreat to, you can share mine:

What is your happy place? What is your soundtrack this morning?


Heather said...

That looks like a very happy place.

I am afraid mine is going to have be much warmer though. I am a wimp.

Have a great weekend.

Katherine said...

Yay Ludington! That's my happy place, too! Sometimes in the middle of winter or something I picture myself on a tropical beach, 'cause I know Ludington's frozen over - but sometimes that doesn't bother me. I have a playlist on my computer of some of my favorite songs, and I'll put that on repeat when I just need to relax. It includes "Across the Universe" (the Rufus Wainright version), "Not While I'm Around" (Jamie Cullum) and "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" (Peter, Paul, and Mary). :)

Linda said...

I share a love of Ludington. I got tears in my eyes when I saw that first picture. I must have had a more stressful week than I thought. I also like the music Katherine cited. Pretty much anything by P.P.& M. can make me happy.

Heather said...

Can i just say ditto? I was just looking at a picture from Brad and Todd Reed's week and there is a picture of the lighthouse at Stearn's park and i cried looking at it,then i sat there and tried to write my comment on that picture. I ended up just saying wow, because i found i would have poured out my soul if i had gone any farther, gushing about how it feels like my sanctuary. A feeling of peace and home and relaxation overcome me when i see pictures of ludington. It is my happy place. I could go on for hours, but I won't. People just need to go to Ludington and feel it for themselves.