Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

I've been sick this week (and some of last week).  I was so sick, in fact, that I stayed home from work on Monday. I intended to sleep all day but was too sick to rest - catch 22. So I read blogs, read books (I'm now on the second book of the Hunger Games series), and watched the movie "Killers," where for the first time I noticed that Ashton Kutcher is cute. I guess I'm the last one to notice that. Magnum was in it too, so bonus!

Besides illness, I've also been dealing with confusion with guys. I'm going to hope that any guys who this may or may not be about stopped reading after I started gushing about Ashton and Magnum so they can't identify themselves in here. Actually, I'm just going to play it safe and say I don't understand guys in general. I'm just exhausted with games and trying to be a mind reader. Although... if I'm being completely honest.... as much as this pains me to say.... I suppose I could be a bit more forthright too. But I don't want to! (I just stomped my foot in a huff.)

And on that mature note, shall we move on? 

How about if I go back to the safer topic of movies. I actually saw a lot of movies over the weekend. Here are some brief reviews of the movies I saw:

Troll 2: So bad. So, so bad. But I think that's the only reason you see a movie like Troll 2, right? Worst movie ever. There are no trolls in it, and someone gets seduced with corn on the cob. Need I say more?
Nacho Libre: I had never seen it before and I laughed my head off. Loved it. "XxOoxXoxoxOoOXX"
The Burbs: One of my all time favorites. "Do you know what this is Ray? It's a human femur." If you haven't seen this yet, you should. With me.
Annie: One of my favorite musicals ever.
Killers: Two words: eye candy. No wait, one word: Mustache.

Have you seen any good movies lately?

Here's my last Wednesday Thought: Two weeks after daylight savings time, I still haven't figured out how to change the clock in my car. (Although admittedly I've put very little effort into it.)

Happy Wednesday.

Oh, and PS - if you haven't read my interview yet, check out the post below - the one with the picture that looks like I'm a cast member of Kids Incorporated (which a lot of you are probably too young to remember...).


alecia said...

how have we been friends for 3 years and never have discussed The 'Burbs??? "Hey, Ricky, get this lame-o out of your yard!"

Sarah said...

The first time I realized Ashton Kutcher was cute was in "Guess Who" with Bernie Mac. He is also adorable in "What Happens In Vegas" with Cameron Diaz. :) I may have to check out this latest flick!

Katherine said...

K! I! D! S! OoooOoOoh, looks like we made it, we're Kids Incorporaaaaaated! I loved that show! And your picture. :)

I also love The Burbs. It pops up on my Netflix instant watch queue and I've been meaning to watch it again. "A little somethin' for the sweet tooth." ;)

I'm also confused by guys. But I've given up trying and am planning on arranged marriage. Which you're arranging, by the way. ;)

Also, I love your review of Killers - ha! I want to watch it now based on that one word! :) And yes, I think you might be one of the last to notice Ashton's hotness. He's a doofus, but hot!

TheSinglesWard said...

Elizabeth... we've talked about this. In fact... I'm sending you a text right now about it...

Liz said...

Oh, kids incorporated. That takes me back.
I Love Nacho Libre! Such a funny movie.