Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

It's moving week. On Friday we're getting cubicles. And can I just say: I hate packing! Here's why:

1. It's tedious
2. I'm covered with dust
3. I don't know why I have a Ricky Martin CD in my desk drawer and even though I try to sneak it in Justin's boxes, he finds it and gives it back to me.
4. I've somehow acquired a Kenny Loggins record that has my initials on it (I have a short list of suspects for that).
5. Justin is trying to show me up with much more thorough packing than mine.

Time to focus on the positive.

1. I've somehow acquired an awesome new Kenny Loggins record.
2. I finally threw away my 2008 calendar.
3. Justin's candy is now on top of his desk (instead of hidden in his drawer) and is therefore, in my opinion, up for grabs.
4. Ann also acquired a Kenny Loggins record and hers is much worse than mine.
5. Our free table is being filled with all sorts of dusty treasures people forgot they had in/under their desks.
6. Kathy, Ann, and Justin are all going to get awesome surprises when they unpack their boxes next week.

And next week we'll be all cozy in our new cubicles. I've already bribed the cubicle guys into building a hammock in mine! It's going to be awesome.


Katherine said...

OoooOoooh! I want a hammock in my office! I'm pretty excited about the Kenny Loggins record, too - is it Loggins and Messina? We could really rock out to that!

P.S. Grab me a piece of candy while you're at it, would ya?

Angela [Fernandez] Baillio said...

PIctures of the Hammock Please!

Vaughn said...

i should look into a hammock in my cubicle, i am thinking it would be terrible as i am already taking naps in my chair. If i had a hammock i fear i would be completely useless

Elizabeth Downie said...

Yes Vaughn, it would all be over for you if you had a hammock in your office. I've seen you fall asleep on a hammock during a bbq surrounded by people! So I have no doubt that you'd be able to sleep at work. ;)