Monday, June 8, 2009


Here's a bit of a conversation I overheard this morning between two older gentlemen I work with:

Gentleman A (GA): Did you read the Times this weekend?
Gentleman B (GB): No, I didn't get to it.
GA: Well, it was a good one! You really missed out!
GB: (walking away) I'll live.
GA: (calling to him) Yeah! You'll live in ignorance!!

It made me laugh to myself. I mean, who says that!?


David and Linda said...

Did you say to him: "Opinionated much?" Maybe I should subscribe to the New York Times so that I don't live in ignorance. Especially now that the Ann Arbor News has abandoned us.

AMy said...

i love it when people use the word ignorant {and all of its forms} especially when i asked a little five year old that came in to the og with her mom if they wanted to be seated or if they wanted to wait for her older brother and she said, "no...he's jus bein ignorant."

i love funny. i love to laugh at the overly serious people in the world.

Angela Annjilla Ferny Fern said...

That is the funniest thing I read all day!!!

Chris Willie said...

Dude, "You'll live in ignorance!" is totally now my go-to phrase anytime someone says, "I'll live." For any reason.

I wonder if I can guess the identities of these gentlemen...

Elizabeth Downie said...

Chris, I bet you can! (guess, that is!) lol

And I really hope you do use the phrase! I'll be listening for it.