Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I'm just so annoyed.

Facebook is terrible these days. People are SO combative and mean. But I guess I'm a snowflake for saying that?

I actually got into an argument with someone last night and to everything I said, he would post some stupid meme in response. Finally I said, "I can see this is going nowhere." And he said I obviously "got confused and had to give up." I mean... how do you argue with someone like that??? Got confused by what I was supposed to say to a meme??

So many of the statements I've seen are just so asinine and unrelated to the topics at hand. 

Then there's this post that I've seen going around from women who disagreed with the women's march on Saturday. It's fine if you don't agree with it - but why are you so threatened by it?

Today I wrote my responses next to the statements it made. Not every statement because some didn't warrant a response. Here are my responses if you want to see them.

I'm just so annoyed.

Sorry it's small (just click on it to make it bigger).


violet50 said...

Well said! I feel like yelling at people who say these nonsensical things. But then they would lump me in with those "terrible protesters". How dare they exercise their constitutional rights and march peacefully against injustice!! Where do they think they are, America?? Oh right, they are. Our ancestors fought for their right to be free from tyranny, even if it's imposed on them by other women. Grrrrr!

Heather Nakanishi said...

I'm not sure why people felt threatened by the marches either! And it's usually followed with the "you should have voted" which seems really ironic considering women got the right to vote... from marching.