Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 30th!!

Oh my word - it's June 30th and I haven't updated my blerg a single time this month! My poor blog - so abandoned! It's going to be on one of those Mental Floss articles titled, "Check out spooky pictures of these abandoned blogs" and attached will be something like this:

I've just had a very, very busy month. I went to my phone to find photographic evidence of what I've been up to lately, but all I found was screen shots from tv shows I've been watching on my phone to send to my sister. Not exactly compelling evidence of a busy life. But can you blame me for having to capture this classic Jessica Fletcher look from an episode of Murder, She Wrote?

Or this hilarious shirt Tracey is wearing in an episode of 30 Rock:

Did I tell ever you about the time I accidentally referred to George W. Bush as George W. Smith? It happened on New Year's Eve, 2014, if that means anything, and I don't think it does.  Also (and this is important), I said the name with conviction. George W. Smith. What happened to my brain that day remains a scientific mystery.

But really, things have been very busy at work this month. And then suddenly last week, I got really sick! In the summer time!! I was outraged.

Anyway, here's my June post. I've saved my blog for one more month. Hopefully next month I'll have at least two posts.

Happy June 30th.

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violet50 said...

Maybe you were having a premonition about a future president and we'll all be astonished at your brilliance. I love the picture of Jessica and Tracy's tee shirt! President Ashington was one of my favorites.