Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

One of my favorite things to do when I'm in Ludington (where I was on vacation last week) is to walk out to the Big Sable lighthouse along the beach. My nephew loves to do it too, and usually when we're in Ludington as a family, my nephew, my sister, and I walk out there together. This year my sister couldn't, so my nephew and I made the walk alone. We had a blast!

For just a few bucks, they let you climb to the top. You can see out really far and there are signs around the railing telling you how far away some key places are. Standing on the lookout, my nephew said to me, "I'll never get used to this." He was referring to the heights. I could relate - it was a windy day which made my knees even a little more weak than they normally would have been. Thank goodness for a high railing!

Here are some pictures from our trek!

My nephew chasing the seagulls away
The Big Sable lighthouse

My nephew. I love him tons.
If you go to Ludington, I would highly recommend this walk out to the lighthouse. It's a 45 minute walk (each way) along the beach and it's gorgeous and magical!

Happy Wednesday. :)


violet50 said...

These are great photos! I should walk out to this lighthouse one of these days. The view is spectacular! Great pictures of James. I'm so glad he comes with us!

rebecca wisor said...

You're gorgeous and magical. And for a few bucks, I'll let you climb to my top.

(couldn't resist)

Katherine said...

Love the photos! And sad I couldn't make the trek this year. Next year for sure!!!