Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Girls Camp

Some things I learned at camp:

1. These girls are awesome. They're funny, fun, sensitive, sweet, smart, and they care about each other.

B. Teenagers get my sense of humor. What does that say about me? I'm not sure. On the last day of camp I made an announcement to my girls that if any of them had found their long lost twin that week at camp and were planning on switching places when they left camp, that was strictly against the rules. They got the reference.

3. Teenage girls are tougher than they look. I have heard so many guys say, "oh girls camp!" all smirky like - like it's a week at the spa. Well, if a week at the spa means sleeping in a damp tent, having wet feet all the time, cleaning bathrooms every day, catching a mouse, being surrounded by daddy long legs, and so on and so forth, well, let me just say that the spa isn't really as relaxing as you would think. The difference between boys and girls is that the girls still smell good at the end of the week because they care about grooming.

BURN. (That burn was meant for my adult male friends who poo-poo girls camp, for the record.)

D. Girls camp is super fun. One of the girls brought her guitar and sang around the campfire every night to us. She's amazing. Here's a link to her youtube channel! Other fun parts include playing UNO, making campfires, roasting marshmallows and Starbursts, going to the John Johnson farm, singing a LOT, dancing a little, braiding each others hair, laughing hysterically over nothing, going on a long canoe trip down a gorgeous river, sneaking off to Dairy Queen with one of the other leaders (shhhhh), fireflies landing on our tent at night and acting as little nightlights, and so on and so forth.

Downsides: raccoons (and lots of them), wet feet/clothes/towels, camp bathrooms, mosquitoes, spiders, no sleep.

Still totally worth it.


Katherine said...

You forgot shooting guns and archery!!! Tough stuff!!! It really does sound like you had a lot of fun. :) I always loved girls camp - it was so much fun and I always made lots of new friends and got in touch with my outdoorsy self!

Amy said...

I was called to be the Girls Camp leader in my ward when I first moved back out to Utah. It was not at all the call I was expecting (I thought I was going to be in Primary), and I was really intimidated. But I loved it! I can totally see you as a Girls Camp leader, and I'll bet the girls had a blast with you.

violet50 said...

If I'd ever gone to girls'camp, I would have liked to have you as my counselor! It sounds like it was a good blend of spirituality and fun.dsCD

Sara said...

Comments I try to make from my phone aren't sticking. Anyway, this looks like fun! They will always remember this week!

)en said...

Girls Camp! I loved it as a youth and I love it now. AND, one more point to your argument, my husband came with me a few years ago when i was the camp director and he was like, "what the WHAT. THIS is what girls camp is like??" He was shocked because there's some kind of structure and we actually learn things about, say, nature and the gospel, and, I don't know, leave a better person.

i love italics, and girls camp.

Brooke Romney said...

Looks so great and I know the girls loved it. You were the PERFECT choice and I am so glad you are i YW with us. Totally the cool leader ;).