Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

Today I'm giving you a gift: the gift of a feeling of superiority. Why? Because I'm about to talk about why I like the show "Big Brother."

The hamsters (contestants)
 In case you don't know what the show is about, here's a brief summary: 16 people are locked in a house for three months. Each week there is a competition and the winner is named the Head of Household. That person nominates two people for eviction. The rest of the week those two people campaign like crazy to not be voted out. Deals are made right and left, graves are sworn on, blood oaths are made (not really, but maybe), first born children are negotiated, etc. Halfway through the week there is a "power of veto" competition. The winner can protect one of the players nominated if they choose, in which case a new nominee is named. At the end of the week, everyone in the house votes anonymously and one person is sent home.  At the end, only two are left and a jury of the last 6ish players evicted votes for the winner. The winner gets $500,000 (TOTALLY not worth it, if you ask me!).

The show is addictive. Here's the thing: it's on 3 nights a week. THREE. AND, that's not all. If you pay, you can subscribe to the live feeds, meaning you can watch the contestants in the Big Brother house 24/7. Seriously. There are 4 cameras in the live feed and you can just watch to your hearts content. A couple years ago, my friend paid for the live feeds. At the end of the eviction episode (which is live), there was a big fight and we just immediately turned on the live feeds when the show was over to watch it all play out.

This season there's been a lot of controversy because of some racism in the house. In fact, two contestants have been fired from their real-life jobs outside the house. They have no idea of this fact though since they don't have contact with the outside world. 

In addition to the three episodes a week and the live feeds, there are also websites that update every minute or so with updates about things being said or done in the house. I follow some of those on, and I just had to share with you some of the hilarious tweets I read last night:

Exposal! I was cracking up as I read those. Some of the players are just awful. An adult wiped another adult's hat on his butt!?!?! Who does that!? Some of them are just truly just the worst. There's always a few players you hate and a few you like. It's good stuff.

K, I'm done. For now... (mwahahahahaha!)

In other Wednesday Thoughts, I went to a youth activity (for my church) last night. It was a post-camp party where we watched a slide show of camp pictures and made a craft project. Unfortunately, the person in charge of the craft had to go out of town for a family emergency and none of us knew how to do it! Luckily a few girls figured it out and after an hour or so, we (they) had it down:

This craft was seriously AP crafting. Luckily when it comes to making bracelets, teenage girls never give up.

Happy Wednesday!


Brooke Romney said...

I've always wondered who watches that show. Now I know...but you sold it; I'm kind of intrigued.

Katherine said...

AP Crafting is my favorite! I always aced that class. No comment on the BB stuff.... ;)