Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

I had an incident with some cookies tonight. I was left five no bake cookies. I knew when I saw them that I was going to have a very hard time not eating them all at once. They just looked sooo good, and I was so hungry. I took one bite and then tried to gain some control over the situation:


Stop eating cookies. One is enough.

Ok.... I'll just have one. Well, and this second one is broken in half...

...And this part is broken too.

Ok, that's ENOUGH! STOP!

I'm trying but I can't!!! I think I might be at the point of no return!!

Save the last one for later!! Don't eat them all at once!!

I think it's too late!!!

Just walk away, you idiot!!!

Its gravitational pull is too strong (quickly eating it)!!

-and scene.-

And that's how it went down. I think I blacked out after that.

When I came to, I visited my grandma. She was asking me about a trip I'm leaving for this weekend. Her first question after, "are you excited?" was, "How are you going to wear your hair." She's become very concerned lately about me letting my hair fall over my face at all. She said tonight, "Your hair looks so pretty from behind when it's curly."

From behind.

She is constantly telling me to put two barrettes in it - one on either side - even when it's curly. This is what I imagine whenever she says that:

I mean, no offense to Anne, who looked adorable with that hair style. I just don't think a thirty-blank year old can pull it off. Nor do I want to try.

Happy Wednesday!


Katherine said...

HA! Yeah, I can't see the two barrettes-look working for you. But I do like it curly - from the front, too. ;) And your cookie scenario sounds very familiar - I have had many similar experiences! They have oatmeal in them, so they're healthy...right?? :D

violet50 said...

I like your hair, curly or straight, front or back. Although front and back should match. Scene one act one of your cookie melodrama sounds way too familiar. I've lost many a battle to no-bake cookies. And I agree with Katherine that the oatmeal should make them, at least somewhat, healthy. And thanks for making me laugh out loud. I needed that.

D said...

Haha I actually wear my hair with two clips all the time right now and curly too. I can't stand hair in my face and the top of my hair isn't as curly as the rest so... It balances out the curly. I'll have to take a picture for you. LOL

karajean said...

Ha! Your grandma is hysterical.

The "point of no return" is my enemy in all things food related. When I go out to eat I assume I have to finish my plate or save half for later. So once I get past the halfway mark I MUST finish the whole thing. And then I get a stomach ache, but at least I'm happy, you know?