Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A little accident

Yesterday while washing a load of laundry, I threw a pillow in with the load. What I didn't know was that that pillow had a rip in its seam, and during the wash, it barfed up its insides. After pulling it all out (mumbling and grumbling the whole time) and tossing most of it in the garbage, I came up with a plan for the remaining fluff.

My sister, Katherine, has this teddy bear (sorry Katherine, I just outed you as a teddy bear owner). I love messing with it to annoy Katherine (do adults EVER grow out of pranking their siblings?). So I decided to use the fluff as (ahem)... poo. Teddy bear poo. And thereby make her second guess whether or not her teddy bear is house trained.

Doesn't he look so ashamed?

(she doesn't have any bedding on her bed because she was washing it)*

Why this post needed four pictures, I have no idea. I just wanted to make sure you got the whole picture, I guess. Do any of you still like to mess with your siblings?

*I would too if my bed was covered with bear poo.


Mark said...

Awesome! My little sister had a stuffed pink elephant and we (well, mostly me) would arrange it in crime scenes. A handful of stuffing would have been excellent for a mad slasher tableau.

I have a teddy bear and sometimes when he sneezes too hard, stuffing comes out of his plastic snout.

violet50 said...

Very funny! Way to take any annoying event turning it around.

Ashley said...

haha - that's awesome!

Katherine said...

Ridonk. I ain't ashamed! ;) Silliness.

Brooke Romney said...