Thursday, June 13, 2013

First Impressions: The story of the Scrape: A Lifetime Original Movie

I woke up this morning with a little bit of dried blood on my forehead. I looked in the mirror and noticed I had a tiny scrape. Most likely some demon got in my bedroom in the night and scraped me or something (a mini demon). I cleaned the scrape and thought, "oh great, I am going on vacation tomorrow with a scrape on my head. What will they think!?"

I know it's tiny but here's the thing, I'm going on vacation with a close friend and two of her friends who I've never met. You know how it is when you meet your friend's friends. You size them up. You wonder what it is your friend sees in them. What are these girls going to see in me?

Emily is friends with a girl who goes around with open wounds on her head?

Am I supposed to say something about it? She's a scrape person!

Is this just something people in Michigan do? Get scraped and act like it's no big deal!?

I'm thinking about nipping it in the bud right away and just saying, "Hi, I'm Elizabeth! I was stabbed by a demon with a toothpick in my sleep but don't worry, I cleaned it out and it's all good."

Or maybe, "I know I have a scrape on my head but I'm still a good person."

I just hope I can overcome this setback and have a good vacation anyway.


Katherine said...

Ridonkulous. ;) Um, ever heard of cover-up?? ;) Or a SpongeBob band-aid.

Elizabeth Downie said...

You can't put cover up over an OPEN WOUND! I'm not trying to die of a foundation infection, thank you very much.

Katherine said...

Touché. I've heard FI is a killer. ;) But maybe it'll be healed enough by the time you meet Emily's friends that you can cover it up...?

violet50 said...

I hate to mention it, but your minuscule wound is lost in a sea of freckles. You might rather say, "I know I have freckles but I'm a good person anyway"! Btw - I like your freckles.

heather said...

Why do those things always happen when you least want them to? Of course it wouldn't happen on a weekend where you were not planning on leaving the house... But to meet/hang out with two girls you haven't even met yet!

)en said...

Here is a positive spin. They will (I know it's already happened but let's pretend it's still relevant) see that scrape and think, "DANG, that girl is totally bada--"