Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wednesday Thoughts

Monday morning I walked out to my car and found an unpleasant surprise.

Flat tires are totally out of my wheelhouse, pun intended. Thankfully I have family who will save me at times like this. But today, I have to go to the tire place and I am absolutely filled with dread.

Two things I abhor dealing with: cars and computers. I love them and need them but understand NOTHING about their inner workings and therefore feel very vulnerable about getting them fixed.

You're probably thinking: "you should learn something about them so you don't feel that way."

No. Not gonna.

Anyway. I've been playing out in my head the various scenarios that could happen today at the tire place. This is how I picture myself in all these situations:

I go in defensive. Friendly on the outside but really angry on the inside. I picture something like this happening:

Tire person (thinking): Uh oh, this one has crazy eyes.
Tire person (saying): How can I help you today?

So I've been doing research online this week. I have all kinds of print outs with various sections and prices highlighted. I'm ready to prove them wrong and get the best deal at every turn. But it's all pointless because I know that I know very little and can (and will) be coerced into getting whatever they tell me to get.

I'm afraid they're going to notice I'm a woman when they see me. And movies and tv have taught me that all mechanics and service representatives think that women are dummies and will take full advantage. The funny thing is, that hasn't actually been my real life experience 99% of the time but I still believe it's true. Because tv.

So anyway, if you see something on the news tonight about a woman in Ann Arbor going bananas in a tire repair place and having to be sedated.... wasn't me.

Happy Wednesday.

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violet50 said...

You're hysterical! I love the cartoon drawing! You've totally captured how we feel when getting any part of our car/computer fixed. We're toast. Thanks for making me laugh.