Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday Thoughts

Have you guys ever seen the movie "Monster House"? I watched it last night with the Beehives (the group of 12-13 year old girls I work with from church). Have you ever tried to watch a movie with twelve 12/13 year old girls? It's not for the faint of heart. I love, love, love the girls - they are funny and kind and wonderful. But sometimes after certain activities, I feel like Wesley in the Princess Bride after Humperdinck sucked years of his life away:

NOT TO 50!

I got this snapchat from one of the girls during the movie if it helps to have a visual. Look at those sweet faces. So sweet and so tween.

But back to Monster House. Have you seen it? I liked it but it was weeeiiiirrrrd and I'm not sure what age it's actually targeted for. I thought it was pretty scary for kids, but these girls were "over it" or at least trying to convince themselves of that. They started out scared but then started rationalizing - "a house wouldn't really come alive," they said. "The old man could never lift that kid up," and "the house's throat is SO UNREALISTIC!" I think they were trying to prevent a repeat of last Halloween's scary movie night incident (link).

Personally I jumped and gasped a lot at Monster House. It didn't help that one of the girls kept sneaking up behind me and grabbing or poking me.

"Like a house could even do that." - Over-it 13 year old

It's Halloween week and that makes me happy. I haven't watched too many actually scary movies yet this month though. They've mostly been of the Disney variety. Am I getting soft? Or is it just that the people around me are chickens?

Do you have a movie you have to watch every Halloween season? For me that would be Hocus Pocus. After that, the Changling is my next must-see. (And I haven't seen it yet this year!)

More Halloween stuff coming tomorrow... Be prepared....

Happy Wednesday!


Katherine said...

Ha! Tweens. Being over it is the cool thing to do. (I had a lot of experience with that teaching middle school art to tweens who were SO OVER art. Ugh.) I've never seen Monster House - I may need to see if it's really as unbelievable as the girls said. And I definitely can't finish out the Halloween season without seeing The Changeling. "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!" "My room...father....Joseph..." Eeeeeeeeeep!

violet50 said...

The mother around you is a chicken and doesn't mind admitting it. Hocus Pocus is as wild as I get.

Wee Sisters Three said...

We have monster house and it is freaky. The kids like it but are scared as well. We've watched that, hocus pocus, monster squad and hotel Transylvania. Nothing too scary in this house.