Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wednesday Thoughts

I feel like all I ever hear about anymore is the moon. Super moons seem to come every other week, and now everyone's buzzing about the blood moon. In my day, the only extra-special moons I knew about were the harvest moon and the honey moon.

Everyone on FB posts pictures of these special moons and most of these pictures remind me of the 1990's when my family would go whale watching in Maine. We'd all have our cameras out trying to capture the perfect whale picture. This was back when people used to develop film and we had no idea how a picture turned out until we got the film back. We'd take all these "great" pictures and we were 100% sure we got an amazing shot of the whale jumping in front of the boat and everyone getting splashed. Or a mama and baby whale swimming along side the boat. Then we'd pick up the film from CVS a week later and see 24 or 36 pictures (with doubles) of this:

That's what 99% of the pictures of the special moons that I see posted on FB remind me of. Empty dark sky with maybe a little blip of moon in the corner.

I mean, no offense to the moon. I like the moon. We need the moon. Fievel taught me that no matter how far away you are from those you love, looking at the same moon will make the distance seem shorter. The moon's a-ok. But I mean..... I'm not obsessed with it or anything. Like some of you.

In other Wednesday Thoughts, I'll talk about something I *am* obsessed with - FALL LEAVES. I'll never stop posting pictures of them. I realize it may be annoying to some people but if I'm being completely honest, those people hate beauty! At least in my pictures of the leaves the leaves are actually visible, right?

Today the sky is clear, something rare in fall in Michigan. Most days are overcast which makes for a bad background for pretty leaf pictures. Here are a few pics I took earlier this afternoon:

Pretty gorgeous, huh?

I'm sorry for going off on the moon.

Happy Wednesday.


Katherine said...

HA! I like it when you get really spirited about something on here. So good. And I love those pictures!! (Of the trees - not the ones we likely still have in a box somewhere of almost-whales...!)

Heather Lewis said...

That first fall leaves photo is just gorgeous!

I remember the small thrill of waiting to get photos developed. Sometimes we didn't get to them right away so it was a guess of what was actually on them.

Though I prefer the knowing what you actually are taking a photo of than the surprise :)

violet50 said...

I love this post! I laughed so hard about the "almost whales" pictures. We tried so hard. I'm glad there are digital cameras now. Your leaf pictures are good and the top one looked like you lifted it from a Disney cartoon. Pretty!