Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wednesday Thoughts

My hair looks completely idiotic today. I'm not being humble either. Like for real, if you saw me today you would wonder how I could let this happen.

One word:

My hair was in a straight ponytail this morning when I left for work. NOW?

(neck is to scale)

It's bad. My cheeks are flushed, my shorter hairs are curling around my head, and my ponytail is a fiasco.

One of my coworkers tells me we should be glad that we've had a relatively easy summer, but does that make my hair look any better today? No.

I called my mom on my break earlier, and went for a short walk outside while we chatted. After about ten minutes, I had to say, "I have to go, I'm getting really angry about the humidity."

Is it possible I adapted to winter???* Terrifying thought. I guess we'll see soon enough.

Happy Wednesday.

*unlikely. But fall? Fall is perfect.


violet50 said...

I love the picture! You need to do more of those. I can totally sympathize. I hate humidity! It is my sworn enemy.

Katherine said...

I'm glad your drawings are coming back! I love them. And I must say that one of the benefits of this haircut is the humidity factor. It still curls my hair some, but not as badly as before!!

Nancy Face said...

Your drawing made me happy.