Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Goals

Summer is halfway over and I feel like it's going way too fast! Between added responsibilities at work and taking on other responsibilities in life, I've lost track of making fun moments!

It's like, who am I?

I've decided I need to carpe summer asap. Here's my list of summer goals:

Wear flip flops - what the? I haven't worn flip flops once yet this summer! My feet are demanding freedom from their shoe prisons!

Swim swim swim - I'll be at Lake Michigan soon and I can't wait to dive into that icy cold water and splash away my problems.

Continue watching Big Brother - guys, I don't even care that this is embarrassing. This show is so, so good and it's only on in the summer so it feels very summerish to me. 24 hour surveillance, paranoia, fun personalities, competitions, etc. Oh my gosh, I love this show. If you watch it, let me know - I have so much to say about this season!

Make the dinner from the famous dinner scene in What About Bob - mashed potatoes, corn on the cob ("is this corn hand shucked?"), green salad, ("pile it high and deep - could you get that tomato off there?"), fried chicken "("Leo, do you want the breast?"), biscuits ("great corn, great biscuits, great potatoes"), salt ("I see salt - do you have a salt substitute?")

Make zucchini bread from zucchini I grew in my garden. I was feeling good about the little zucchini I grew until my cousin brought me a zucchini from my aunt and uncle's garden. I'll let you guess which is which. Sigh.

Be outside more. Bike more, walk more, sit outside and watch fireflies in the evening. Doesn't that sound divine?

Experiment with s'mores. Here's what I know makes a good s'more so far (not together, necessarily): Reeses peanut butter cups, nutella, cookie butter from Trader Joe's, strawberry marshmallows, peanut butter. I've tried other candy bars but I forget which... I need to get all this information documented. I can't emphasize enough how important mastering the perfect s'more is for the human race.

Take in the summer smells. I need more summer smells in my life. I am so bored with the smells I've been smelling lately. They're all the same! I need more lake water, sunscreen, bbq's, cut grass, chlorine, and campfires. My nose is craving those smells.

Watch a movie outdoors - I'll be real with you, this almost always sounds better than it is but it's still fun and makes for good memories to live off of in winter.

I'm sure I'll think of more summer goals but for now, this is where I'll start. What about you? What are some things you still want to do this summer?


Diane said...

LOVE this sunglasses and flip flops!!
Speaking of smells, when I left work yesterday Gabriel's was extremely pungent. Smelled like summer grilling. I inhaled deeply and said to myself, "Ahhhhhhhhhh, Summer!!!"

violet50 said...

I agree. I have spent way too much time indoors this summer. I love all of the smells you mentioned. What I haven't done much of is sit and relax and maybe watch an old favorite movie. But the weather this summer has been spectacular!

Melanie said...

Did you see this buzzfeed list?

Katherine said...

Yes! To all of the above, with the possible exception of...BB. Sorry... I LOVE summer smells, and just being outside. I also completely agree about the s'mores. We used Cookies 'n Cream Hershey bars one time - that was good! You forgot to add summer romance to the list, but that's ok. I've gotta get on that.

heather said...

The "What About Bob" dinner idea is genius! Please do this!!!