Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Adult Problems

Last night I was laying in bed when I started to feel a little hot. So I kicked off some covers and put my foot out to cool off. I immediately felt vulnerable and pulled it back in.

This often happens where I put my foot out to cool off, start picturing a ghost grabbing it (I'm not kidding), and put it back under the covers for safety.

But last night I started thinking, "why would a ghost grab my foot? why not my arm, which is almost always outside the covers? and what's the point in a ghost touching us at all, anyway? just to remind us who's boss?"

That led to more questioning such as, "do I really think a ghost is going to grab my foot?" (kinda) or am I more worried about a human sneaking in and tickling it? (It happened in real life, people!!)

And really, how are my blankets going to protect me from a serial tickler or a ghost? Some ghosts don't follow the blankets-are-off-limits rule we set for the paranormal (The Grudge, for example.) And a serial tickler could simply lift the covers off.

After a bit of thinking, I decided to be tough and put my foot out again. It felt so vulnerable. I pictured some ghostly fingers gently touching it. Then I reminded myself that I didn't believe ghosts would really do that. OR WOULD THEY!? It was back and forth like this for awhile.

But I'm proud to say I kept my foot out for quite some time. I may have even fallen asleep like that. Though I doubt it.

Since apparently the foot is the ultimate extremity for controlling sleepy time temperature, this is a problem I should really try to get over.

Or is that what the ghosts want me to think?

It's hard being a grown up.

twist: the water was a ghost


violet50 said...

When I was a kid I even pulled the blankets over my head to keep the ghosts or other nightly predators away. Now, I can stick my foot out - for a while. It always goes back under . But I would never reach under the bed, Erin!!

Nancy Face said...

Serial ticklers are extra creepy!