Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday Thoughts

My car is in the shop today, which means I am at the mercy of the mechanic. I often wish that instead of majoring in English, I had gone into auto repair. I know nothing about cars - nothing. Which is shameful because my dad works for GM and my uncle teaches autobody. I just know that when my car is making a "bad" sound, I'm in trouble, financially.

So now I wait. I trust my mechanic, thankfully. Sidenote: he looks like one of the Duck Dynasty guys. I mean, exactly like one of them. In fact, he has a cardboard cut-out of this guy, and he told me that people talk to the cut-out thinking it's him sometimes:

Now I'm just anxiously waiting for the news about how much poorer I'll be by the end of the day.

In other news, guess what? I WON THE PEEP DIORAMA COMPETITION! I totally pandered. I went with a Frozen theme. I have no regrets. Here's my winning diorama:

This picture is awful.
I actually tied for first place. Here's the diorama I tied with. It's based on our favorite ice cream place in northern Michigan: House of Flavors:

My phone camera is having problems. In real life it wasn't blurry.

It was a lot of fun and I seriously can't believe I tied for first place. Three days later I'm still shocked.

Ok, lastly in Wednesday Thoughts I want to get to know you guys a little better. The radio station I listen to on the way to work does a segment called "Cross examination Wednesday" where all three DJs answer three questions about their personalities and preferences. So I wanted to do that here! But three isn't enough. Let's go with 10. I really sincerely want to read your answers so please take the time to share!

1. What is your favorite drink? Root beer
2. What's your favorite ice cream? Eskimo kisses from House of Flavors
3. What's your social security number? I'm kidding. Don't answer this.
4. Can you sleep with your foot/feet outside of the blankets or will a ghost grab them?
A ghost will grab them. 100%.
5. What's your favorite thing about Michigan (whether you live here or not)? Summer, fall, the Great Lakes, the culture, and the people
6. What's the most embarrassing song on your ipod (or tape deck)? I'll give you three so you feel more comfortable sharing yours: What makes you beautiful by 1D, Be Prepared from the Lion King, Dr. Feelgood by Motley Crue
7. What's your current favorite tv comedy? The Mindy Project and The Goldbergs and the Middle (three way tie)
8. What's the scariest movie you've ever seen? The Changling, still. Scares me out of my mind no matter how many times I've seen it.
9. What's the best thing about spring? The hope of summer and those rare 70 degree days.
10. What's your middle name? Ann

Don't be shy! I want to read your answers and get to know you better! Plus, it'll take my mind off what's going on with my car....

Happy Wednesday! 


Nancy Face said...

Yay for your winning diorama!

1. Martinelli's Apple Grape
2. Coconut frozen yogurt from Yogurtland!
3. Ha!
4. My feet can hang out!
5. Never been there - but I LOVE lakes!
6. My kids are embarrassed by my Christian Rock, but I'm not!
7. I don't watch TV!
8. It by Stephen King. HORRIBLE!
9. My flowers bloom, and I can go running outside because temperatures of 100 degrees and up haven't hit yet!
10. Ann

k nelle said...

Yay! I'm so glad you finally won the competition, a Frozen theme was a solid win.

Also, the Goldbergs. Ha! I'm also in too deep with that show. I think I just love that the producer shows old tapes of his kid antics near the end and that the people are based off of a real life. I've started to really love the characters. :)

Savd said...

I was cracking up at people talking to the cardboard cut-out of NOT your mechanic. HA!! :)

Loving this audience participation post!! :)

1) Fave drink: A tiny can of Mtn Dew
2) Fave ice cream: Rocky Road from Baskin Robbins
3) Social Security number...well, it ISN'T 123-45-6789
4) I have to sleep with my feet out...I have extreme foot claustrophobia. I'm pretty sure it's a real thing!
5) Fave thing about MI: So many beautiful big trees!!!!
6) Most embarrassing song: "Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time" by NKOTB; the entire new album by Celine Dion
7) Fave TV comedy: The Mindy Project!
8) Scariest movie: "The Fly" with Jeff Goldblum. Awful.
9) Best thing about spring: green grass!
10) What's your middle name? Lynn

violet50 said...

1. chocolate phosphate
2. jamoca almond fudge (b.r.)
3. xvi ix ldmc
4. foot outside
5. Everything
6. If I had one - Tonight You Belong to Me
7. The Goldbergs
8. Wait Until Dark
9. The warm smell of earth, grass, and flowers
10. McGillicuddy

Nick said...

1. Fago pineapple orange ( i don't think they make it anymore :( )
2. almost anything from Moomers ice cream in traverse city cherry white chocolate topped with caramel
3. my library card # is 26086330007229
4. that is the best way to regulate temp one leg in one leg out
5. People, college football, Summer, fall, the Great Lakes well any lake, and cider mills.
6. Ke$ha, and my parents folk music otherwise I like my eclectic music taste and will own up to all my sections
7. the Middle, big bang, growing up fisher, community
8. What Lies Beneath I’m a light weight when it comes to scarry movies
9. Planting the garden and seeing new flowers
10. Alexander

Katherine said...

1. Milk
2. Also Eskimo Kisses!!
3. ought-ought-ought ought-ought ought-ought-ought...two
4. Ghosts wouldn't DARE.
5. Every season but w*#@$%, the Great Lakes, fun towns and cities (the D, A2, Ludington, TC, Mackinaw, etc), parks, fun events, so many things!!!!!
6. "Whip My Hair" by Willow Smith
7. Same as you!
8. Also the same. " room................father..................."
9. The sweet smell of the air, and the gradual greening of everything!
10. Danger (you already know)

elliespen said...

I'll come out of semi-anonymity to play this game.

1. Water (yes, really). Runner-up is hot chocolate.
2. Anything with peanut butter and chocolate. I also like peach.
3. It's a number the govt assigned me to keep track of ... oh, wait.
4. I need to have one foot outside the covers at nearly all times or I can't sleep. Just weird that way.
5. Have only been to Michigan once but I love the pictures of the scenery there in fall. I also like how it's in two pieces.
6. I have no idea just how deep the embarrassments on my iPod go (a lot of it is a mishmash of my and my sisters' libraries), but off the top of my head I can say "Hey Juliet" by LMNT and there is a decent possibility that the Hamster Dance song is on there somewhere too.
7. I generally don't start getting into TV shows until they're off the air, although I was watching HIMYM. Other all-time favorites include 30 Rock, Arrested Development and Pushing Daisies (see what I mean about canceled shows?).
8. I avoid scary movies whenever possible but I did get nightmares from watching "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken", which should count as a more embarrassing admission than anything on my iPod.
9. The first few days you can drive with your windows down. Plus all the blossoms on the trees.
10. Luker (again, yes, really)

Good luck with your car!

Wee Sisters Three said...

1. Hot chocolate
2. chocolate Peanut butter
3. 1-800-876-5353
4. Ghost. For rizzle.
5. Ludington, beaches, cool people (we all live in Michigan...sorry you not Michiganders), wearing shorts in the morning and snow pants in the evening.
6. Baby got back
7. Is the Goldbergs the one with the blind guy, if it is, then that one.
8.watcher in the woods
9. Flowers blooming
10. Urine, if you ask my siblings.