Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

Men are impossible to Christmas shop for. I can never figure out what to get them for Christmas! Here are some of the things I know men like:

1. women
2. fishing
3. gore
4. youtube videos
5. cars
6. explosions
7. sunflower seeds
8. sports
9. scars
10. chili

Most of those aren't easy to buy for Christmas presents though, let alone wrap. What do you usually buy for your dad/husband/boyfriend/brother/friend?

By comparison, women are easy to shop for. When in doubt, just get a woman: lotions, nice candles, candy, jewelry, a scarf or gift cards. So easy! (Though honestly, I kind of don't need anymore candles. If you already bought me one though, thanks! I love it!)

In other Wednesday Thoughts, some organizations are calling for a "truce" in the war over who's the real Mitten State. They're trying to turn it into a positive thing by using the mitten attention to collect mittens for those in need. Fine. I'll donate some mittens (if I remember), but I will never be ok with Wisconsin claiming to be a mitten. This is the picture on the Pure Michigan website calling for a truce. All I'm saying is would anyone in their right mind buy the mitten on the left? No. It's ridiculous.

If you'd like to donate, here's one of many places for doing so (link). It's a good cause, and personally, I think mittens are a little warmer than gloves so I like this idea. Just don't get the Wisconsin shaped mitten. It would never fit a human hand.

Happy Wednesday.


Ben said...

Wow, this mitten thing has been really rough for you hasn't it?

Note: Guys love video games and electronics too!... and attention from women. (so you can put women on your list twice to make it more accurate)

p.s. I don't like gore, but violence is cool. ;)

Elizabeth Downie said...

haha, don't worry Ben, my outrage over the mitten thing has mostly been mock outrage. ;)

Katherine said...

I really do hate shopping for men. Why can't they just like hand-made jewelry like all the women on my list? (Um, not that that's what you're getting, E...) Maybe some Chinese take-out is in order for the men on my list. That could work... Or a promise of a high five every third time we meet?

As for mittens - I agree. I've had mittens for a number of winters now, and they're the best! They're Isotoner mittens with leather on the palm part and fuzzy softness inside. Nothing beats that! And also, neither one is shaped like Wisconsin. They're both Michigan-shaped mittens...

lizzie mc.- said...

haha! I hate shopping for men too. I finally just got a present for my husband; true to what Ben said, I bought him an electronic gadget to play his MP3 on the car radio. But since I don't know ANYTHING about electronics, I hope it does what it professes to do! When in doubt a DVD... hence we have a rather extensive collection. Happy shopping... maybe he needs mittens:D