Thursday, February 9, 2017

Fighting back

What if this was Trump's plan all along? What if he and his team just said, "Let's make the first three weeks absolute chaos? Just everything that can go wrong, will? After awhile people will get so tired of it, we'll be able to do whatever we want. They won't have the will to care anymore?"

That's obviously flawed logic on my part. It would mean 1) planning ahead and 2) that they aren't already doing whatever they want with no regard for laws. I mean.... it's exhausting. It feels like there's at least three terrible things per day that this administration does.

Well, I'm not going to stop fighting. Just last night, I lay in bed with my mind swirling from the day's events. So I made some extremely controversial artwork on my phone to show how annoyed I am. Hopefully blogger won't censor these works of art:

I sent all these to my sisters last night. In response I got one "ha" and the other sister never responded. I can only assume because her mind was blown and she was speechless.

I laughed much harder than a grown woman should then went to bed.

Trump 0, me 1.


violet50 said...

You're right. He doesn't plan that far ahead. I love: "Those are my favorite things to do too, every day." That's the solution: watch Nacho Libre every so often. Ignatio didn't let things keep him down. He fought "The Man". And a quote from another Jack Black movie: we have caught "stick-it-to-the-maniosis". Might as well just go with it.

Wee Sisters Three said...

Your other sister was blown away by sleep. Haha. I did laugh at them this morning but forgot to text. I think I've really just been contemplating the awesomeness of them and couldn't come up with words. I say, you gotta do what you gotta do to get through the next 4 years. I've been thinking about becoming a recluse. Either that or just moving in with Carly and Russell. I don't think they'd mind 5 of us moving in for a few years.