Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wednesday Thoughts

You might be looking at my new blog header thinking, "Um, we all know the second Back to the Future is by far the worst! Why would she feature it?!" But if you are thinking that, you are one of the only people who doesn't know that the movie takes place in the year 2015.

AKA, this year. Isn't that weird? It's 2015. I've already gotten the year wrong a few times so far, but I went the opposite way. I keep thinking it's 2016.

Anyway, I watched the second Back the Future recently to see what we'd have to look forward to this year. Basically this is what I learned:
  • Men will wear two ties at the same time
  • Hoverboards will finally be real
  • Shoes will lace themselves
  • Biff will be ugly
  • Movie posters will be terrifying holograms
  • Dogs will be walked with floating leashes
  • No more doorknobs - that's really going to change the way horror movies go by the way. Without of a jiggling doorknob, how will we know a ghost or intruder is trying to get in?
  • Food will be made and served in a weird way (but will still be eaten on plates from the 80's)
  • Michael J. Fox will be his own teenage daughter...
  • And son:

  • Printers will get much worse:

There were other things too, but those are the ones that stood out in my mind. Here's the other thing about Back to the Future Two - it's not good. It's so stressful and way too Biff-heavy. I love Biff for lots of reasons - he's constantly eating manure, he is really cute, he messes up idioms, and he has great facial expressions. But old Biff? Yuck. (Young rapist Biff is pretty awful too.) And the whole scene where they're back at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance again? Just, no. Too stressful. It ruins the purity of the night for us viewers. I don't need to think that Biff was a double menace that night. I just want to think about Marty jamming so hard at that dance, and his parents falling in love. Not to mention Chuck Berry finally hearing a clip of the new sound he'd been looking for.

It's weird that something so unpleasant could be sandwiched between the two best movies ever made but there you go. At least we learned about the future.

Happy Wednesday!


violet50 said...

Ha! Yeah, where would Chuck Berry be without Marty McFly? And what kind of name is McFly? I'll bet there aren't any other McFlys out there. Maybe that's good. Remember Uncle Joey. Good post!

Katherine said...

I keep laughing at, "Not to mention Chuck Berry finally hearing a clip of the new sound he'd been looking for." HA!!!! I agree - #2 is the WORST. WAY more stressful than I remember!! #s 1 & 3 make up for it, though. I'm excited about the amazing advances we'll have this year!! (I'm assuming the movie was 100% accurate.)