Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wednesday Thoughts

Today is the perfect day to stay in bed. My bed was at optimum cosiness this morning. My pillow was the right height, my blankets were perfectly situated, and my mattress was holding me in a firm embrace. (Not in a creepy way.)

Now that it's cold outside, I've had to figure out the perfect blanket situation for the new season. I got new mattresses last month too and that's a change I had to factor in. This is something you have to take very seriously in order to get the best sleep in winter. After messing around with the dynamics for awhile, I think I've figured out the perfect arrangement of blankets and quilts on my bed.

Blanket #1 - sheet - closest to head so neck doesn't overheat
Blanket #2 - thin quilt and thin blanket for upper body
Blanket #3 - medium weight blanket that covers up to waist for butt warmth
Blanket #4 - thick blanket that keeps feet warm
Blanket #5 - Extra thick quilt for moving feet to if they get cold - this stays folded up unless it needs to be used. It's dangerous to unfold it though as it is very warm and could overheat body quickly. Caution should be used.

Obviously what you really want to avoid is getting overheated to the point where you have to stick your foot out of the covers because that's when this happens:

A foot gets touched by a ghost. Avoid this at all costs.

It will surely get colder this winter, so I may need to make some adjustments, but I think I'm pretty much set. Winter is the best season for sleeping.

I tend to run warm. Even in the winter I often crack my bedroom window at night. I hate when the heat is really pumping. Other people complain about how cold it is, and I cringe in fear that they'll turn the heat up. I'm sure that winter is the worst season for fights over the thermostat.

I was visiting with a coworker in his office this morning and the temperature dynamics in that room were all over the place. An old wall heater was letting off some nice warmth, but the vent on the ceiling was sending out cold air. And on top of that, my friend had his window cracked open. I wouldn't be at all surprised if I walked down there and saw a tornado. Warm fronts were crashing into cold fronts right and left.

Anyway, I hope you are adjusting to winter and finding your perfect warm cosiness. If you need a cosiness consultant, I'm here for you. My rates are very reasonable.

Happy Wednesday.

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violet50 said...

Elizabeth, you are too funny! I love the tornado scenario, not to mention the ghost touching the foot. Of course the ghost part does happen. Sometimes. That's why if I do stick my foot out for coolness, it doesn't stay out for long.